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Case IH Farmall JX 75 Cab tractor with Front End Loader and 4in1 Bucket on standard ag tyres.  Comes with Forward / Reverse Power Shuttle and 12 x 12 Synchromesh transmission.  2 remotes as standard.

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Case IH Farmall JX 75 Cab Utility Tractor

PROUD TO DRIVE A Case IH Farmall JX Utility Tractor

For more than 160 years, Case IH has been involved in agriculture and this experience has given them a clear vision into what farmers need.  Our understanding of what it takes to produce food, fuel and energy puts Case IH at the forefront of technology to help you take measures to make that happen. Thats why weve worked with our customers to create a new range of utility tractors.  We’ve focussed on characteristics like manoeuvrability, visibility and handling to place them at the top of the features list. This has resulted in the Case IH Farmall JX Utility Tractor.

The versatility of the Case IH Farmall JX Utility Tractor range, makes it one of the most sought after tractor series on the market with the options of both synchro shuttle shift and power shuttle transmissions to cater for all applications.   The Farmall JX series with their fully synchronised 12 x 12 transmissions and the option of an additional 8 creeper gears, means this tractor will perform easily in any conditions and offer the comfort that a much higher spec tractor offers.  There are a wide range of tractor tyres options available as well from the ever popular 460/85 R34 rear radials to the specialised 9.5/85 R48 rear radial row crop tyre and wheel option.  This tractor is at home slashing your acreage block with ease to spraying crops like strawberries with the knowledge you have more than 500mm clearance underneath (with row crop tyres) to protect your investment.

With the addition of an optional Front End Loader with either a standard or 4in1 bucket, you turn this tractor into an outstanding workhorse that is right at home moving dirt around or complementing any hay baling operation by utilising its manoeuvrability for loading and unloading hay bales with the addition of a set of pallet forks.  Invest in one of the best utility tractors on the market and you will see the benefits straight away.

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