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Prices start from $13,990 inc GST Tractor only!

Models Available

Model Engine Power (hp) PTO (hp) Engine Type Transmission Lift Capacity
MF GC1705 23 18.7 3-cylinder 1123cc Diesel Hydrostatic 2 range w/cruise 540KG


MG GC1715 25 19.6 3-cylinder 1123cc Diesel Hydrostatic 2 Range w/cruise 540KG


MG GC1720 TLB* 25 19.6 3-cylinder 1123cc Diesel Hydrostatic 2 Range w/cruise 540KG


Compact size with BIG tractor performance.

The Massey Ferguson GC1700 Sub Compact Tractor offers the best of both worlds by catering for both domestic and commercial applications.  The MF GC1700 is proven right across the board – from simple operation with greater comfort to reduce fatigue and maintaining the highest level of safety and maximising productivity.  The GC1700 Series tractors will make light work of big jobs and their compact size with versatile handling make them ideal for hobby farmers, landscapers, land owners and residential contractors.

Massey Ferguson GC1700 Compact Tractor

The GC1700 incorporates the highest quality Japanese Iseki engines ranging up to 25.5hp with unmatched versatility.  The MF GC1700 is easy to drive, and can handle everything from loader work, general farm work and the most important feature, unparalleled mowing performance.   The Massey Ferguson GC1700 Compact Tractor is the market leader in mowing performance and mechanical reliability.  With its extremely economical Japanese Iseki engine developing unmatched torque and fuel efficiency, there is only one choice for every quality conscious owner.  It out performs the competition in mowing speed in heavy conditions and cut quality.  The GC1700 series has a superior build quality and a very open and comfortable operators station, makes the competition green with envy.   The Massey Ferguson GC1700 compact tractor has always been credited as the toughest and best finished compact tractor available.  It still maintains a 1 piece steel bonnet and a steel floor and a 4wd front axle that has been built to withstand all the strain of a 4in1 loader from the very first model built over a decade ago.  The new optional drive over 60″ mowing deck makes it even easier to change from a mower to a loader tractor in seconds without the struggle and strain of pulling the deck out from under the tractor.  So if you’re workload demands a real tractor, check out the MF GC1700 Series. It delivers on every job, every time.  Come in and see why everyone that knows tractors and demand the highest quality, buy the fully Japanese built Massey Ferguson GC1700 Compact Tractor.

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