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Weight 500KG Empty
Height 1350MM
Width 1200MM
Length 1660MM
Boom Rotation 140 Degrees in total (90 Right & 50 Left)
Max Digging Depth 2000MM
Max Loading Reach 1560MM
Max Boom Reach Length 2570MM
Pulling Force 1600KG
Hydraulic System:
Valves Two Independent Control Valves
Pump Hydraulic 6cc Gear Pump
Flow 9L/min
Hydraulic Working Pressure 145 bars
Hydraulic Oil Capacity 12L
PTO Standard 6 Spline Clockwise PTO (PTO Shaft included)

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The Top Hoe backhoe mounts directly to the tractor 3 point linkage and makes for a very versatile tool for any acreage owner with a 20hp tractor of more.  Constructed from Heavy duty steel, the frame is well designed and most importantly very strong and will tackle a wide range of soil types.

It has a pulling power of 1600kg which is powerful enough to cater for most types of digging and landscaping work.  The power is supplied via a 6 spline 540 rpm standard tractor PTO drive allowing it to have its own independent hydraulic system to the tractor.   The 12 litre hydraulic reservoir feeds the single hydraulic pump but is designed without the requirement of other attachments.

There are 3 buckets to choose from with a 30cm digging, 20cm trenching and a 60cm wide grading bucket.   There is also the option of a ripper tooth to cover all digging requirements.

The Tophoe Backhoe is stabilised by two 40cm hydraulic stabilisers and has large anti slip feet to help keep the machine firmly on the ground.  The rotation of the boom is 50 degrees to the left & 90 degrees to the right.

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